Vlogging discretely with a GoPro and Lavalier microphone

If you’re shy but want to vlog, you might want to consider using a GoPro with lavalier microphone for discrete vlogging that won’t draw much attention from members of the public.

Many of my regular subscribers have said they want to make vlogs but aren’t confident enough to shoot videos in public. I feel their pain. It can be really awkward and uncomfortable to shoot videos when random people are staring at you.

The bigger your camera and audio equipment, the more attention you get from people. The GoPro is small and is often associated with tourists/vacation footage so people usually don’t take any notice when you’re shooting video with it. Using a lavalier microphone, that clips onto your lapel, allows you to speak quietly which again helps against drawing too much attention.

Since the GoPro has such a wide angle, you don’t have to hold it far from your face to be able to get quite a good shot. Personally I use the Medium Angle option because I don’t like the FishEye effect from the GoPro.

The biggest issues with using a GoPro for vlogging is that it performs badly in low light, the battery gets easily drained when you turn the camera on and off repeatedly and you have no control over the microphone gain.

I used a GoPro Hero 3, 3.5mm to mini USB adapter, Rode lavalier microphone, a Smatree battery BacPac, a Yunteng selfie stick and a generic aluminum GoPro case.

In todays Vlog I go to Sweet Inspirations Mongolian restaurant along Katipunan Avenue and St. Marc Cafe inside UP Town Center.

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