USB Solar Panel from CDRKING

A portable USB solar panel charger from CDRKING that can charge your cellphone, tablet or powerbank when you’re on the go.

Although I refer to it as an 11 watt charger in the video, it’s actually sold as a 10.5 watt charger. At 1999 PHP (42 USD), it’s not exactly cheap but at least it feels good quality and that it should last a long time. You’re really paying a premium for the lightweight portable solar panels.

There’s no battery built into the panel, it works on the principle of ‘use it or lose it’. If you want to store power during the day to use at night, you could simply charge your powerbank from the solar panel.

High temperature and batteries don’t mix too well. So avoid leading your phone or powerbank in direct sunlight when charging. Either make use of the pouch or consider a USB extension cable that will allow you to put the panel outside and your device in a shaded area.

In my testing I wasn’t able to draw more than 1 amp of power, maxing out at around 5 watts. I’m thinking that the panels may add up to 10.5 watts but the maximum that you can get out is 5 watts. The extra panels simply being to boost the output in less-ideal circumstances, like on a cloudy day. It’s actually a clever idea although I’d like to be able to pull the full amount of power when the perfect sun situation does come along.

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