A simple LED bulb that you can power from any USB port like your power bank, computer or AC wall charger.

I was planning to shoot a video showing how to convert a standard household AC LED bulb to run on USB power. But then while at CDRKING I saw they were selling these USB LED bulbs for just 45 peso.

I measured the power usage on my PortaPow USB watt meter and they come in at around 0.8 WATTS. I’d have preferred if they were 2-3 watts but they’re still pretty good and will come in useful during a brownout/blackout.

I’d much rather have a number of modern USB power banks and these USB bulbs than relying on old-style lead-acid based emergency lights.

Metro Manila and other parts of Philippines suffer from a lot of power cuts, especially during rainy season. Be prepared and stock a few of these bulbs.

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