Transcend DrivePro 220 Dashcam

A look at the DrivePro 220 from Transcend. A HD dashcam with advanced features like lane departure, forward collision and speed warnings.

With a 130 degree wide angle lens, the DP 220 records more than you’d imagine, perfect for catching people speeding out of side streets and causing accidents or any other incident on the road.

With built in GPS, the camera can log your route, speed and time. You can use this to playback your route on a computer or to alert emergency services of your exact location if you require help. It can also help to prove your exact speed should you be involved in an accident. Although I don’t know if GPS data could be used as a legal defense since you would be lacking testing/calibration certificates for the dashcam.

The dashcam features a lane departure warning system (LDWS) that monitors your position on the road and alerts you if you’re drifting over the lane. Ideal for anyone who suffers from brief lapses in concentration. Although since the cam isn’t tied into your car computer, it will alert even if you’re changing lanes with your indicator on, something that wouldn’t happen in a vehicle with a factory standard LDWS built in.

Another potentially useful feature is the forward collision warning system which alerts you if you’re driving too close to the vehicle ahead. Judging the distance between you and the car ahead and your current speed allows the camera to assess whether there’s a safe distance between the two of you. I found this feature to be a bit hit and miss, sometimes alerting too late and sometimes too early.

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