Transcend DrivePro 100 – Raw Day & Night Footage

Raw unedited footage from the Transcend DrivePro 100. Includes day time footage, night with street lights and night without street lights.

The video starts with some day time footage which clearly shows licence plates are readable and general quality is pretty good. Then it cuts into a night clip where plates aren’t readable most of the time but overall quality is pretty good. Then it cuts into a quiet dirt road which has no street lighting but you can see when the car headlights are turned onto full beam.

This footage has been taken straight from the microsd card of the drivepro 100 dashcam. Although the length of each clip has been adjusted, no picture/audio edits have been made.

This unedited footage is to compliment the full review of the DrivePro 100 vs Drivepro 200 which can be seen via [insert link here]

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