Traffic lights are just a suggestion for Jeepneys and Motorbikes

Just another day showing Jeepneys and Motorbikes nearly causing accidents by ignoring red lights.

The first Jeepney ignores the red light by leaving the left-turn lane and overtaking those waiting.

The second Jeepney counterflows pasts those waiting and again ignores the red light for vehicles turning left.

As the red light turns green for those turning left, the motorbikes decide to jump the red, in the path of those turning.

This is a common problem along Bonnie Serrano, I’ve almost been hit by a Jeepney a couple times while I’m making a turn and they’ve jumped a light. It’s even worse at night because they drive without any lights on and they still jump the lights, so you can’t even see them.

Despite this happening day after day, it seems that Jeepneys and trikes are immune from any traffic laws. They can drive without any lights, counterflow, travel the wrong way down 1-way roads, and jump red lights.

Yet as a private car, the MMDA will try to ticket you for being in the bus lane when leaving Mega Mall. The only way to exit Megamall to EDSA is by passing through the bus lane! Swapped lanes too late? Oops that’s a ticket for swerving! Went straight because the arrow on the road says you can? Sorry but that road marking is old, you can only turn left in that lane now, here’s a ticket. *sigh*

I don’t know if this kind of thing is common throughout the Philippines or just Metro Manila. It’s hard to tell in the provinces because there’s usually not enough traffic for people to feel the need to act like this in the first place.

Shot on a dash cam.

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