TinkerPlay – 3D Print Action Figures

A quick look at the TinkerPlay software and a sample 3D print of a custom-designed 3D action figure.

Autodesk, the company who brought us the popular Tinkercad have today released a new mobile app called Tinkerplay (previously called Modio).

It’s aimed at kids and allows simple drag and drop design of action figures ready for 3D printing.

All of the parts are designed to be printed without supports (doh!) and simply clip together once printed.

I printed at 50% and I personally think it’s too small to work. The parts were a bit fragile and didn’t really clip together as well as they would have at a larger size. Although to be fair, I only printed at 10% infill which probably didn’t help with their fragility.

Overall it was a pretty fun experience and I can imagine kids would love to play with this app and have their design appear in front of them as a real life object a few hours later.

I printed on the Flashforge Creator Pro using white ABS plastic. Of course you can print in multiple colors if you have the filament to hand.

Download & Print: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:728561

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