The first QC 3.0 Powerbank – from RavPower

The first powerbank on the market with QC 3.0 support, allowing 24 Watt input for insanely fast charging!

Compare that input charge to a normal powerbank which supports 5 or 10 watts and you realise the power of Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0

I tested the powerbank capacity with a constant 1A load. It managed to score 82% of the rated capacity. That’s not the best I’ve seen but it’s also not the worst. Taking into account losses, 90% would be a more acceptable figure.

Let’s start with the most obvious thing about this powerbank, it’s physically quite big! If you’re looking for something to slip in your pocket and give a charge or two through the day, this isn’t for you.

The huge capacity of this powerbank is useful for big family days out when you need to keep multiple gadgets charged or if you’re going on a camping trip.

It features a type-C USB port which can be used as an input or output. When charging via this port, the maximum input is 5v 2A (10W) and the output was pretty much the same.

There’s a standard “smart” USB port which is rated for 2.4A and then a QC 3.0 output USB port. Unfortunately the QC output port only worked like a normal USB port in my testing. Ultimately it’s not a big concern to me because I only use quickcharge for charging the powerbank and haven’t ever used QC to charge other devices.

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