Solar water heater at Marsh Farm

A look at a solar water heater at Marsh farm, using the Vitosol 100 flat plate solar collectors.

Sorry for the audio, I’m still getting used to my new camera and had my finger over the microphone at the start. I’ve also bought a little wind muffler to stick on the top although I might just use my Rode SmartLav microphone in future.

While these look like regular electric generating solar panels, they actually don’t generate any electricity at all. It’s made up of materials that collects the suns heat and transfer it to a copper pipe running through the middle. As water passes through that copper pipe, it’s heated up and comes out much warmer than the temperature it went in at.

This is a much more efficient way of heating water than using PV solar panels to generate electricity and run a water heater.

I previously made my own DIY solar water heater but I haven’t shared it on the channel yet.

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