Sexy Chef Vs. Sexy Panda – Manila Food service

Having tried both Sexy Chef and Sexy Panda, I can now give an opinion on which I think is better, in terms of value, food quality and general taste.

Both companies offer daily deliveries of food, directly to your home inside Metro Manila, Philippines.

Many people mistakenly think these weekly food services are only for those on diets. The truth is, they’re also suitable for those with busy lifestyles who don’t have the time to cook and don’t want to eat the same fast food every day.

I chose the 5 day vegetarian meal service from each company.

Value for money

Sexy Panda – P2950 – 5 Days – 3 meals a day – P196 per meal

Sexy Chef – P2185 – 7 Days – 2 meals a day – P156 per meal


Taste Test

Sexy Panda – Most of the food tastes okay. None of the meals had any wow factor or made you want to come back for seconds.

Sexy Chef – The meals weren’t bursting with flavor but they were all enjoyable and left you wanting a little more.


Food Quality

Sexy Panda – The food delivered didn’t always match the menu. It felt like they were cutting corners and cutting costs by re-using left over ingredients instead of sticking to the menu. This led to some unusual meals such as cucumber and broccoli sinigang and repeated snacks such as Quaker cookies.

Sexy Chef – None of the meals were overly adventurous but there was a good variation each day and the delivered food matched with the provided menu.



Sexy Panda – They initially provided a delivery time between 3PM and 10PM which is an awkwardly wide range of time. Although to be fair, after the first delivery, they arrived at nearly the same time every day.

Sexy Chef – They provided an accurate delivery time and delivered at pretty much the same time every day.

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