RGB Fidget Spinner from CDRKING

A P100 RGB Fidget Spinner from CDRKING! They’re a bit late to the party but let’s see how it performs!

According to the CDRKING Facebook page, they have fidget spinners ranging from P50 to P200, including the well loved Captain America fidget spinner.

This fidget spinner with RGB lights sells for 100 PHP which is 2 USD or 1.50 GBP.

Below is a picture shared by Bernard on Facebook.

If you want something that looks fancy, go for the RGB spinner. If you prefer something which spins better and feels better in the hand, go for the metal version. It has more weight and spins better.

For those that don’t know, fidget spinners are something you play with when your hands are fidgeting. Some people click a pen, some tap a table, others use a colorful flashing light fidget spinner 😛

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