RAVPower Powerbank with AC Outlet

A powerbank with built in AC outlet or power socket, like the type found in your home! This takes convenience to the next level. Not only can you plug in your USB devices but you can also charge your laptop, camera and drone batteries and much more!


This is the RP-PB054, part of the Power Station series of powerbanks from RAVPower. Inside it includes a modified sine-wave inverter which can handle a continuous AC load of 65W. It also includes a standard 5V 2.4A USB socket and a Type-C 5V 3A USB socket.


The powerbank charges with an external DC brick which is rated at 19V 1.6A, potentially up to 30W. Although in our testing the powerbank never drew more than 25W. The re-charge time is around 3 hours and 45 minutes from empty.


It’s not the most efficient way to charge a laptop but it sure is convenient being able to plug a bunch of different AC chargers or appliances into the socket. You just have to remember it’s a modified sine wave inverter instead of pure sine wave so you might have issues with inductive loads like AC fans and it’s not recommended for use with sensitive medical equipment.

You can get other powerbanks which can output 19/20V DC which is suitable for most laptops. This is a far more efficient way of charging laptops instead of going from DC to AC to DC.


The powerbank is advertised as being 27,000 mAh or 74.37Wh. Our testing showed the true capacity to be significantly lower. We usually see losses of around 10-15% due to the way the battery output is boosted. In this case, we saw losses of around 25% which is too high to consider this a genuine capacity powerbank.

It’s possible that I simply got a ‘bad’ unit and your results might vary.


I think it’s a great product and love being able to plug various AC devices into the powerbank. As someone who’s always on the move, it makes life very convenient. It seems like most of the cost of this unit is due to the micro DC/AC inverter found inside. I’d like to see more batteries crammed in to give a higher capacity and longer run time. I wouldn’t expect this to make much difference to the price of the unit.

This is the worst performing powerbank I’ve tested from RAVPower when it comes to the capacity checks. I also tested the RP-PB055 which also includes an AC outlet and that performed VERY well on the capacity test.

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