Pringles Karaoke Kit – Lets sing!

Pringles had a promo where you get a free Karaoke Kit if you buy two cans of Pringles and pay a 25 PHP delivery fee.

It took around 2 weeks from registering online to get the kit which is pretty quick if you compare it to their previous Pringles Speaker giveaway. Thankfully they appear to have learnt from the mistake they made last time.

It’s a pretty basic kit, with a speaker and microphone and connecting wires. You can also connect an additional external speaker for better sound. The speaker uses the pringles tub as a sound chamber and it really does make the sound much richer.

The speaker has two settings, one is normal sound output and the other has the addition of a light which flashes along with your music – a nice touch!

According to the promotional materials of Pringles Philippines, this promotion will last until June 30, 2017 *until stocks last.

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