Potentially deadly USB charger from CDRKING

Everyone loves getting a good deal and $3 for a 2.1A USB charger sounds great, but is saving a few bucks worth your life?

This charger from cd-r king initially performed well in my tests. It was able to charge my powerbank and iPad at 2A and had no problems charging my iPhone at 1A. But after swapping it between a few AC sockets, something insanely dangerous happened, the case split open, exposing bare AC connections that could easily kill you if you touched them.

I review a lot of cdrking products, some of them good, some of them bad, but I think this is the most dangerous product I’ve reviewed so far.

Thermal images (after 1hr of 2A draw)

External case temperature: 69.3 C
Internal transformer temperature: 94.5C

external_temperature internal_temperature

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