Portable Ultrasonic Humidifier or Misting Spray

A battery powered ultrasonic atomizer or misting spray from CDRKING. Perfect for cooling yourself down on a hot day, hydrating your skin and potentially some beauty uses.

This portable misting sprayer cost P290 which is around 6 USD or 4.5 GBP. It’s branded as Kenko World but that’s just a brand made up by CDRKING, like Stark.

It has a 3ml water tank which seems far too small. It can operate for about 2.5 minutes in total, before you need to refill the water. It operates in bursts of 30 seconds.

It’s powered by 4 AAA batteries. A rechargeable lithium cell would have been preferred but it’s not as big an issue as the water tank size.

The magic of the unit is the ultrasonic atomizer module which breaks the water into nano particles and creates a fine mist.

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