Panther Extension Cord – Dangerous?

I review the Panther PSP 1102; a Philippine made extension cord.

When I first thought of creating this review video, I was expecting it to be a positive review since I’ve previously been impressed with Panther products. After opening the extension cord and then looking closer, I realised that it’s potentially a dangerous product.

Let me start with the good points about this extension cord. It has a modular design which lends itself to easy repair and replacement. It has the ruggedness that Panther are known for with a strong metal case, high quality sockets, thick flat-flex wire for the main cord and thick copper wire internally between the sockets.

Now onto the bad points, most of which go back to the fact that they’ve used a metal case without any grounding. The lack of grounding isn’t that surprising considering the large number of homes in the Philippines that don’t include grounded sockets. Maybe they should consider a plastic case.

The risk of course is that a conductor inside might make contact with the metal case which could then lead to a short circuit, an electric shock or even electrocution.

The copper wire between the sockets is exposed, it would be better if this was insulated. Some kind of insulation/sleeving over the legs of the capacitors would also be nice.

The main cord is just soldered to the circuit breaker switch. This makes a good electrical connection but has the potential to become desoldered if something overheats. A crimped connection would likely be better.

There’s an insulation pad inside but it’s too short. Panther have advised that their newer models now feature a full length insulation pad.

The capacitors are not safety rated (X1/X2).

The sockets are Rong Feng E-06, rated for 125V instead of 250V (

The breaker switch is an APPROACH SS-001 again rated for 125V instead of 250V (

In the video I compare the Panther to an Omni extension cable since I happened to have it laying around and it seems to be of a significantly safer construction.

Although there are some things that Panther could improve, I’m not at the stage where I’d give up on them. I’m still interested to see if their newer models really have improved and to perhaps show an updated review of the changes.

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