OnePlus 3T camera for Youtube Videos?

I put the OnePlus 3T camera to the test and see how it does at making videos for Youtube. Whether it’s shooting review, overhead or vlog style videos, how does the OnePlus3T perform?

In this video I put the OnePlus 3T on a tripod and pointed it at myself, the same as every other video I shoot. I used the rear 16MP camera with the resolution set to 4k.

The only thing I have that you might not have is some additional lighting. But if you have a window that can let natural light into your room, you should get similar results.

I tried other apps like Cinema FV-5 but I found the audio was out of sync with the video. Also the autofocus didn’t work in Cinema FV-5 or Camera FV-5.

If you look at 2:48 you will notice the camera loses focus for a split second and there’s a spike or crackle in the audio. This seems to happen randomly and is fairly easy to cut out in editing, but a little annoying.

From what I’ve read, a lot of the audio problems can be fixed or improved if you’re willing to install custom ROMs and make other software modifications that might require rooting your phone. That’s not something I want to do.

When shooting in 4k, you lose the optical image stabilization (not a problem if you’re using a tripod) and are limited to 10 minute clips.

Overall I’m very impressed with the video quality and although the auto focus isn’t perfect, it appears to be better than my Canon G7X which is known to have awful wandering autofocus.

I still plan to shoot another video where I use the OPO3T for vlogging and see how it performs as a general vlog camera. The audio is more important when using it for vlogging because using an external microphone usually isn’t convenient when you vlog since you’re shooting many small clips through the day.

This is essentially an indoor 4k sample clip.

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