MyPhone DTV Dongle

The MyPhone DTV Dongle is perhaps the cheapest DTV Tuner known to man. Plug this dongle into the micro-USB port of your Android Phone or Tablet, install their app and you can start watching digital TV (ISDB-T) without any internet connection.

The DTV dongle sells for P500 which is around 10 USD or 7.50 GBP.



The MyPhone DTV dongle is not compatible with all devices. I strongly recommend you take your device to the mall and test it with the dongle, instead of ordering online. At the very least, your device must support USB-OTG.


Channel Scanning

The MyDigital TV android app isn’t actually scanning through the full ISDB-T frequency range. Instead there’s a pre-programmed list of channels and frequencies. This makes the scanning process much faster but leads to missing channels when the broadcast frequencies are changed or when new channels are launched.

An example of a missing channel would be INC HD. While it’s not a channel I’m particularly interested in, it’s annoying that I can’t access it simply because it’s not on the list of channels programmed into the app.


OnePlus 3T (Type-C USB)

With a DIY adapter, I was able to get the DTV Dongle working on the OnePlus 3T.


BlueStacks Support?

The MyDigital TV app automatically closes itself when you try to use it on BlueStacks. I suspect this is because of built in software/hardware checks the app makes when launching.


Linux Support?

I spent a lot of time trying to get the dongle to work in Linux but so far haven’t had any success. I believe it’s possible to get it working if we can find the right firmware files.


Chromecast Support?

There’s no built in support for Chromecast since the signal is coming from the dongle instead of the internet.

However, you can mirror your whole screen/audio to your TVs Chromecast if you install the Google Home app.

Not all phones support the full screen mirror feature of Chromecast.


Intel Based Phones

MyPhone claim the DTV Dongle will not work on cellphones with Intel CPUs. I’ve tried on two intel devices and the dongle is recognized and the app launches but then immediately crashes. This suggests it’s a software problem rather than hardware. So they might fix it one day.


Charge phone while using DTV Dongle?

I made an OTG splitter which allowed connecting the dongle and external power to the phone at the same time. Unfortunately it didn’t work and when I did some research, I discovered that 99% of Android devices do not support power input and OTG USB Host at the same time. There are some devices that can support it with firmware mods but they’re few.



Unlike a traditional DTV antenna which has a ground and signal, the included antenna only makes a single contact with the dongle. That suggests that any piece of metal wire connected to the dongle will perform as well as the included antenna. I put this to the test by plugging a pair of earphones into the antenna slot and sure enough, it performed the same as the included antenna.



The markings for the DTV chip have been removed, but it’s a Socionext MN88553. The USB media bridge chip is ITE IT9303FN. When connected to a computer, it identifies itself as Integrated Technology Express Inc, IT930X DVB Stick or ITE 9303 Generic or 048d:9306

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