Microwave motor 360 spinning platform

An upgrade on my manual spinning platform that I use for product 360 product shots. This one uses a microwave motor.

I was hoping I’d get my hands on a regular 220v AC microwave motor which could be powered directly from a mains socket. Unfortunately the motor is 21VAC which did complicate things a little.

Since I don’t have any matching transformer and want to avoid buying anything, I managed to hack together a solution from things I already have. The power is setup as follows:

230v AC — Dimmer on lowest setting — 220v to 110v transformer — microwave motor

When the motor is running, there’s a reading of 19VAC on the motor terminals.

I might still consider some kind of cloth cover for the microwave plate to make it look a bit better, but it’s certainly a step up from my DIY spinning 360 platform.

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