McDelivery PH Extension – McDo Extended

A basic chrome extension to improve the delivery website of McDonalds Philippines. I have no affiliate with McDonalds.

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This is a fan made extension. I have no affiliation with McDonalds and they have not reviewed or approved of any content shown here.

Most countries don’t even have a delivery service from McDonalds, so the Philippines is lucky in that regard.

Most of the time the website works as expected, although during peak hours, you may have to re-do your order a few times before it goes through, due to server errors and general capacity problems.

The website is pretty poor and from what I can tell, the mobile application works off the same framework, which explains why it’s so slow and buggy. The website makes extensive use of iframes and page reloads and suffers from a lack of caching.

If I had to guess, I’d say someone put together a quick and dirty ‘proof of concept’ website they just threw a bunch of random snippets of code together to get something working and show the basic idea behind it. And then for whatever reason, that proof of concept code made it through to the final product and they just kept adding more on top of it.

If I had to guess, I’d say the website was created by one or two inexperienced coders who are compiling snippets of code from various sources to try hack something together that gets the job done.

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