Magic Bulb iLight from Origem

The Magic Bulb or iLight from Origem is a color changing bulb with built in speaker, controllable via bluetooth with any iOS or Android device.

Even without an app, you can stream music to the magic bulb from any phone, tablet or computer that has blueooth support.


Shortly after shooting this video, one of the white LEDs failed.

Temperature hot spot check

These thermal pictures show the temperatures of the iLight after running for 8 hours and compared against a 16W Omni LED bulb. It’s worth noting that the iLight bulb is a direct measurement of the LED PCB while the measurement of the Omni bulb is the external plastic case. We’d expect to see higher temperatures from the Omni with a direct/internal temperature measurement.

iLight Bulb – Set to full brightness, 9W. Direct measurement of LED PCB (metal heatsink backed)
Comparison Omni LED Bulb, 16W – External measurement of plastic case.

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