A quick look at a cheap motion detecting (PIR) security light from CD-R KING.

This light is being sold at cdrking for 150 PHP which is pretty amazing considering you’d usually pay more than that just for a PIR module.

You need a total of 3 AA batteries or a 4.5v DC input jack. I’ve run it on 5v without any problems. Since the LEDs only consume a small amount of power and the light turns on for just 25 seconds, the batteries should last for a long time.

The light is brighter than I expected. Aside from using it as a security light, it could be useful in bathrooms or other rooms that you might access during the night.

My plan is to take out the PIR sensor / LED driver board and use it for another purpose. But you could just as easily add a MOSFET or relay inside the case and run other loads when motion is detected.

I bought this in Megamall, Metro Manila, Philippines.

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