Karaoke at resorts, good or bad?

A hot topic right now is Karaoke in shared or public spaces. What’s your opinion? Should Karaoke or KTV be allowed in resorts? If yes, should there be some limits on the volume and hours it can operate?

I’ve stayed at Montemar Beach Club before and it was great. But being kept up by the thumping base of a Karaoke machine and then equally annoying angle grinder construction work in the morning pretty much nailed me.

Personally I love to sing, even if I’m bad at it. But I go to KTV bars where the rooms are properly soundproofed and you know you’re not going to annoy anyone.

I go out of the city to resorts to get away from all the noise of the city. I want to hear the waves crashing, not 4, 6, 1, 1, 2 as they punch their song into the KTV machine and then the howling through the day and night, into the early hours.

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