Intramuros e-tricycle Tours

Let’s ride a BECMAC E-tricycle on a tour of Intramuros! The oldest district and historic core of Manila, Philippines. Also known as the Walled City,

The long tour price is 25 Philippine Peso which is 0.50 USD or 0.40 GBP. The commuter prices are lower and they offer monthly passes.


Intramuros Tour

Since shooting this video, I’ve been able to find out that by default, the P25 tour is simply for the long route around Intramuros and does not include the driver telling you about the sights. But upon request, they will tell you basic details about the major landmarks.


Project Details

This pilot project consists of 50 BEMAC e-trikes, thanks to a grant from New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEEDO) and service provider SoftBank Corp, both are from Japan. The project is being managed by Mc Metro Transport Operation in co-operation with the Intramuros administration.

These e-tricycles were designed in Japan by BEMAC but are being manufactured inside the Philippines.



As mentioned above, the long route price is P25 which isĀ 0.50 USD or 0.40 GBP. For commuters, there’s pricing starting from P10 per trip of P8 for students and P7 for senior citizens. You can also buy unlimited ride-all-you-can monthly passes.


Intramuros Tourism

If you’re a tourist in the Philippines, this is probably the best way to get an initial impression of Intramuros before walking around and exploring more. My personal experience with previous tour guides in Intramuros hasn’t been 100% positive. Having a more structured and official offering is much more appealing to me.

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