How to redeem Smart Perks

I use my Smart Perks points to get a free drink from 711. With Smart, you earn points when you add load or credit to your phone. But you have to join the perks program before you can earn any points!

To prepaid users wanting to register for Smart Perks, Text REWARDS First Name/Middle Name/Last Name to 9800.

Example: REWARDS Gadget/Rosario/Addict to 9800

You can redeem perks via SMS but the easiest way is to install the ‘My Smart’ application on iOS or Android which lets you see your balance, redeem perks and other useful things.

Hopefully you can learn from my mistake and know better about to how to use Smart Perks in the Philippines. It’s better to redeem while you’re inside the store and perhaps even screenshot the code.

Eventually I did receive an SMS from Smart which included the code I needed to redeem the drink at 711. But it arrived about 13 hours late!

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