HOOQ – Movie & TV Streaming Philippines

HOOQ is a service similar to Netflix and brings legal streaming of popular movies and TV shows to the Philippines.

HooQ and iFlix are probably the biggest competing companies offering this kind of video on demand service in the Philippines right now.

HooQ is headed up by Singtel, Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers and brought to the Philippines in partnership with Globe. It’s also available in other countries such as India.

For 199 peso a month, you get unlimited streaming of any movie or TV show in their library and many of those movies can be downloaded to a mobile device for offline viewer (maximum 5 downloaded files existing at a time).

Of course you need an internet connection to access hooq and it will consume data, so be aware of that if you’re on an ISP with data caps.

If you’re looking for local content like popular Filipino movies and TV shows then hooq is the place for you. Over 25% of their library is made up of local movies like Diary ng Panget, A secret affair and Guniguni. It could be a nice alternative or improvement over iwantv.

If you like big hollywood movies like Iron Man, Bad Boys and Harry Potter then they’ve also got you covered there with another 25% of their library.

The final 50%? Bollywood movies. I’m not sure how popular Bollywood movies are in the Philippines, but if you’re a fan then hooq is going to keep you occupied for a long time!

If you enjoyed this HOOQ review, signup for a free trial and test it out yourself.

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