Google Free Zone with Globe Telecom

Google Free Zone is a basic free internet offering from Google (in conjunction with Globe Telecom) in the Philippines. The Philippines was chosen as a trial run and the scheme may be rolled out to third world countries across the Globe.

Through the service you can access gmail, google+ and google search.

You can send and receive emails through a basic mobile version of gmail but you cannot send or open attachments.

If you click through to a website from a Google search then you’ll be able to see that first page for free but not browse any deeper into the site.

To use the service you text ‘libre’ to 8888 and then Globe will reply with instructions on what to do next.

If you try to access a website outside of the Free Zone then you’ll be warned that you’ll be charged if you continue. However, If you’re using a smart phone then you must ensure that no apps try to access the internet in the background because they will cause you to be charged for internet access without any warning.

Most images are stripped out automatically although some do slip through.

Every now and then you encounter a HTTPS certificate mismatch warning. Globe have added a note to their promotional material to ignore these warnings.

Globe have a few prepaid options for internet access. The most common are 15 min. segments for p5, 3 hour segments for p30 and 24 hours unlimited (800MB limit) for p50.

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