Google Camera on OnePlus 3T

One of the biggest complaints on the OnePlus 3T is how poor the camera performance is. Photos are often out of focus and there’s a constant popping in and out of the focus when shooting video with the rear camera.

Problems with OnePlus 3T Cameras

Aside from focus issues, there are audio problems. When shooting video on the front camera, the audio will often go out of sync with the camera. Aside from sync issues, the audio is often unusable due to the boosting of random background noises and the voice being filtered out in some kind of poor attempt at background-noise removal and bad auto-gain.

I decided to side load the Google Camera app and see if it improved things.

Missing Features

Some features don’t work. One of the biggest missing features is HDR. If you’re taking pictures outside, this can really cause problems. There’s also no face tracking which can reduces the performance of the auto focus. Slow motion video also doesn’t work.

20 second summary

For the average ‘quick’ photo, the Google Camera app nearly always outperforms the stock OnePlus 3T camera because it finds and keeps focus much better. For videos, you should stick to the stock application because it supports face tracking for better focussing.

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