Glow in the dark 3D Printing Filament

Testing out some glow in the dark PLA filament for my 3D printer from Spoolery.

Halloween is coming up and I like to try think out of the box for my decorations. I reached out to Spoolery, a seller of ABS, PLA and other speciality 3D printing filaments here in the Philippines.

Their pricing is extremely competitive, just 1200 PHP for a standard 1KG spool of ABS or PLA filament. That even includes free delivery to your door by XEND or LBC!

The green glowing filament is charged by sunlight or fluorescent lighting, it doesn’t get charged by LED lights. It only takes a couple seconds of exposure for the plastic to become ‘charged’ and then it glows very brightly.

I’m more used to printing in ABS plastic than PLA, so it took a few tweaks of my printer settings to get the quality I’m used to. But by the end of it, I was printing as quickly and reliably as my normal prints.

All prints were done on my Flashforge creator pro with a print temperature of around 180c and a heated bed of around 70c

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