Globe GoWifi – Fiber public WiFi

Globe are expanding their GoWifi service which offers free Fiber based wifi internet in many locations across the Philippines.

While I was able to hit 150+ Mbps download inside the Philippines, the performance was much worse when testing against servers in UK, Europe and the U.S. My average was 15Mbps down, with a few servers in the U.S. giving up to 50Mbps.

Whenever you connect a new device, you have to enter your cellphone number and Globe will then send you a verification SMS. Each device is then limited to 60 minutes of free internet, although there doesn’t appear to be a limit on the number of devices you can connect and changing your Hardware MAC address allows you to reconnect as many times as you like.

Globe announced they’ll be rolling this out to many Ayala malls and other popular locations like 711 stores and Starbucks. This might explain why 711 stores lost internet for a few weeks recently, they may have been migrating to Globe Fiber.

Aside from the free advertising, you have to wonder why Globe are offering this free service and how they’ll monetize it in the future. Perhaps they plan to charge the locations that install this, since it will obviously be an attraction for customers.

To reduce bandwidth costs and generally offer a better experience to users, Globe have teamed up with Youtube to provide ‘Youtube Accelerated’ which caches the top 100,000 locally watched videos on servers here in the Philippines, inside Globe data centers, meaning they’re served almost instantly. Although Youtube Accelerated is currently limited to 360p due to storage issues.

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