Fuji Fwave Flexible Solar Panel

In this video I show a 92 watt Fuji (Japan) Fwave flexible solar panel. It’s high voltage (320 volts), intended for professional grid tie inverters. You can optionally drop down the voltage and use it for off-grid battery charging.

Flexible solar panels are much lighter than the regular aluminium framed solar panels and being flexible, they can conform to unusual shapes which can make them easier to mount in some circumstances.

I used regular 4mm solar cable and crimped mc4 connectors onto the wire. I then soldered them to the solar panel and covered the connection with black silicon that is usually used for car windscreens.

I shot this video at the people power monument, corner of EDSA, Metro Manila, Philippines. A QC police car with two officers arrived shortly after I setup my equipment, but it may have just been a coincidence since they’re often parked in this general location.

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