Flare Powerbank from Cherry Mobile

The Flare F1 is a 10,000 mAh powerbank from Cherry Mobile. It has 2A input for quickly recharging the power bank and up to 2.3A total output from the two USB ports.

The powerbank is currently being sold on Lazada for P499 in black or P599 in other colors.

The first thing I do is fully charge the power bank and then discharge it with a 1A load, through my Portapow USB watt meter. This is to determine if it’s a true 10,000 mAh power pack.

Since the power bank is rated on the cells being 3.7V, we convert the mAh rating to Watt hours which is 37Wh (10,000 x 3.7 / 1000).

The results of our 1A load showed that the battery pack is actually closed to 6200 mAh which is significantly lower than the advertised rating. We’d normally expect around 10% variation, to account for charge losses.

I confirmed that the Flare F1 does charge at 2A, making it quick to recharge. I also confirmed that the maximum you can pull from a single USB port, or from the two ports combined is 2.3A. If you pass 2.3A, the powerbank will turn off to protect itself.

Unfortunately this portable battery pack lacks a power button which means you cannot easily check the charge status and you occasionally have to replug a cable because there’s no other way to start the charging process.

It does not include the special circuitry required to charge Apple products at their top speed. As such, charging an iPad is limited to 1A.

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