Fixing an oscillating fan.. kind of.

Trying to repair the oscillating feature on a Dowell floor fan. Learn a little about what makes your fan automatically turn left to right.

Although the repair was a failure, I’ve located the broken part and you might find it interesting to see how the fan works and what part broke.

This is a Dowell Philippines floor fan with 3 speed settings. The main function of the fan works as expected but the oscillating feature no longer works.

After taking the fan apart and getting access to the rear gearbox, I was able to find a nylon gear / shaft is broken. I tried to repair the part with super glue and a 2-part epoxy but neither were able to create a strong bond.

Ultimately, I need to find a replacement part instead of trying to fix the existing one. I’ve already reached out to Dowell to see if they can supply the part.

I also discovered another problem which is the rotary 3-speed control switch. Inside, the PCB has broken which causes reliability issues. A replacement rotary switch is a common part and sells for around P120 ($2.50)

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