Dual battery USB Fan with Timer from CDRKING

A dual battery rechargeable USB fan from CDRKING with built in timer and battery charge indicator.

I was able to run the fan for 11 hours straight on the lowest setting. A very impressive run time! It also charges much faster than the older single battery version.

The single battery version would charge at 0.4 – 0.5A. This dual battery version charges at 1.2 – 1.4A. Of course the charge current reduces as the battery becomes closer to it’s fully charged state.

The built-in timer is a useful feature, especially at night when you might only want to run the fan before you drift off to sleep and don’t want to wake up to a dead battery. It’s not an accurate timer but it gets the job done.

The battery capacity indicator is extremely useful, allowing you to know the charge state of your batteries when in-use or when charging.

Available from CDRKING stores in the Philippines for P300. You’ll likely find it on eBay and Amazon in other countries, under different brand names.

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