Do Power Savers work?

Can a power saver really reduce your monthly electricity bill? Lets put it to the test with a simple practical demonstration.

The classic demonstration used by people who sell these is to show you the current of a motor being reduced when the power saver is plugged in. The power saver is essentially just a capacitor and will indeed reduce the current.

But as a residential customer, you’re billed for kWh which is based on watts or Real Power. You calculate that as (Voltage x Current) x Power Factor.

So as you see in this demonstration, even if you reduce the current and improve your power factor, as a residential customer, you’ll still pay the exact same amount.

So for those that ask does a power saver really save you money on your electricity bill at home? The answer is no, it wont. Whether you’re with Meralco or any other residential power provider.

Don’t fall for the demonstrations that show the current being lower and don’t fall for the stories of “my cousins brother has a friend who knows the aunt of a janitor working inside Meralco and he overheard a manager saying he uses a power saver at home and saves 30% a month on his bill.”

One thought on “Do Power Savers work?

  • June 12, 2017 at 11:02 am

    how come power factor changes as the current changes ?


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