Control AC Appliances with an Arduino + Relay

A quick look at how to control AC appliances using an Arduino with a Mosfet and a Relay.

Controlling AC appliances from the Arduino is actually a lot easier than you may think. Especially if you buy a 5v relay board. In this video I’m using a 12v relay and driving it using an N channel Mosfet (transistor).

I’m powering both the Arduino and Relay from a 12v battery. The Arduino has an onboard voltage regulator which drops the 12v down to 5v. The Arduino uses the mosfet to trigger the relay which enables the AC lamp to turn on and off.

This coil/magnetic field relay can handle a pretty high current but isn’t good for super fast switching. Even if you have a solid state relay, PWM most likely won’t work as you expect with AC and instead you want to look into phase control.

This is only an example of how I experimented with the relay and should no be produced at home since the you could easily shock yourself if you touched the bare wires/pins etc.

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