Cherry Prepaid Hidden SIM

Cherry Mobile teamed up with Globe to offer a virtual network which will have it’s own call, sms & internet plans, as well as special benefits for Cherry mobile phone users.

For the launch of this big team-up, they’ve put together a pretty awesome bundle. You get a dual sim android phone which includes a built-in cherry prepaid sim. The sim offers p150 free load (50 peso per month for 3 months), 50 texts to all networks for 2 days and then free facebook for 2 days.

Seeing a locked phone for prepaid is quite unusual. Especially at this price point because literally 15ft from the Cherry mobile Kiosk in the mall was two other kiosks offering a nearly identically specced android phone for p999 without any restrictions on the sim/network provider.

It’s pretty common for postpaid phones to have one sim slot locked to the network provider. That slot usually gets unlocked when you finish your contract with the provider. The idea of this is that the phone is subsidized by the network operator, so they need to make sure they make their money out of you before you can use the phone with another provider.

The closest comparison to Cherry Prepaid would be the ABS-CBN sim cards which are bundled with every ABS-CBN Digibox and distributed in other ways. As far as I know, the ABS-CBN sims aren’t overly popular although they do have some interesting internet plans.

We already know Cherry Prepaid will be a solid offering because it’s using Globes network which is (in my opinion) the best mobile operator in the Philippines. But in order to sell their generic network-locked phones at a price that can compete with other generics, they’re going to have to offer some pretty sweet SMS, call and internet packages.

Although you can buy load for Cherry Prepaid from a Globe partner / kios, you cannot share load between Cherry and Globe.

As far as I can tell, Cherry Mobile will start using the name Cherry Philippines and refer to their offerings are Cherry Prepaid phones. Although the launch sim card says Cherry Mobile Prepaid so it’s not completely clear at this point.

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