Canon SX60 HS Vlogging test

I borrowed the Canon SX60 bridge camera to test how well it performs as a vlogging camera.

I don’t have any intention to use this camera myself. I just wanted to shoot some sample footage for anyone considering getting it as a vlogging camera.

The SX60 HS looks similar to a DSLR and weighs about the same as many entry-level DSLR cameras. But the lens is fixed in place, it cannot be swapped.

The image quality is good but not as crystal clear as I’d hoped. But like I mentioned in the video, this is straight ‘out of the box’ on full auto.

I was pleasantly surprised by the internal microphone. It was comparable to the Rode Video Mic Pro. That might change in environments with a lot of background noise or wind.

The camera has a flip out screen which is useful for vlogging. You can check if you’re in frame and easily point out things in the background. Although some people might find this to be a distraction and look at the screen instead of the lens while shooting video.

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