Auraglow 50cm TV LED Strip

This LED strip from Auraglow plugs into the USB port of your TV and projects a nice even colored light onto the wall behind.

I incorrectly stated in the video that it’s about 30 cm. It’s actually 50cm long and includes 15 LEDs. It includes 21 lighting modes, 5 speed / brightness settings and over 20 preset colors to choose from.

The strip turns on automatically with your TV and remembers the last setting even when power is lost.

Although it’s primarily aimed for use behind a TV, you could literally use it anywhere you have a USB port. For example under your desk, at your bed, in your car or even on the go with your USB power bank.

Of course you don’t need to have them flashing or changing color at all, you can select a mode which is simply one single static color.

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