Asus USB Cable Test

I’m re-testing the quality of an ASUS USB cable after someone commented and posted some videos that showed their cable working as expected.

A few months ago I reviewed the Asus Zenpower USB power bank. My only complaint was that the supplied USB cable charged the power bank extremely slowly and also charged phones slowly. When measured with a USB watt meter it was clear that the cable didn’t perform as well as it should.

Recently I received a number of comments from someone adamant that his cable is high quality and asking if I could test my cable again.

So i tried to test the Asus cable with my USB watt meter and USB dummy load but unfortunately it’s performing even worse than when I first got it. It either carries no power or tops out at about 0.2 amp.

After cutting the cable open we found out that one of the wires doesn’t even have any insulation.

I did speak to Asus about this problem over email but they didn’t offer to replace the cable or to investigate the problem.

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