Alpha Morph USB Charge Cable

I convert the Cherry Mobile Alpha Morph AC charger to a regular USB cable charger.

Essentially we’re just butchering the official AC charger for the barrel jack and the connected wire. The wires inside are pretty thick to allow for the 2 amp charging.

We then get an old USB cable that we don’t need anymore and cut off the end so we just have the USB connector and some spare wire. We connect red to red, black to black with our USB and barrel jack and it’s as simple as that.

Now we can charge the alpha morph from a computer USB port, an AC USB adapter or even a portable USB power bank.

The original charger measured around 10-11 watts on my AC watt meter. Which would suggest it was charging the windows tablet at 2 amp. But considering how cheap the AC adapter is and how hot it gets, I’m guessing there was some loss going from AC to DC so it might have been charging the tablet at less than 2 amp.

Our new USB cable measured 1.4A (7 Watts) on my portapow USB watt meter when connected to the ASUS ZenPower bank. That’s good enough for me!

A simple and useful mod for charging cherry mobile tablets 🙂

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