Add a physcial back button to your iPhone 6

Add a capacitive back button to your iPhone 6, similar to Android Phones.

The biggest thing I missed when swapping back from Android to iOS was the lack of a physical / capacitive back button. Apple have tried to address this shortcoming with things like the ‘swipe from the left’ and ‘tap top left’ but there’s little consistency between different applications and it’s still something they need to improve if it’s ever going to be as smooth as Android.

Boxwave emailed me and asked if I’d be interested in reviewing a tempered glass screen protector that adds two capacitive buttons to the iphone6, either side of the home button. It’s completely transparent but includes some kind of conductive material that basically extends from the bottom of the phone, to the top, where the back button is usually found on screen.

It requires the application to actually have a button in the right position, which isn’t always the case. It worked for most of my daily apps like Whatsapp, Viber, Twitter and Gmail. So while it might not work for everything, it’s still a very useful thing for me.

I made my own DIY version while waiting for the boxwave ClearTouch SmartButtons screen cover to arrive. It’s basically just aluminum foil, clear tape and a single thin copper wire.

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