A-Giant Screen Cinema at Vertis North

The A-Giant screen at Vertis North from Ayala, also known as Cinema 2, is apparently the largest cinema screen in the Philippines.


Video Quality

Screen compared to GA
Picture from Ayala Malls Twitter

When you sit in-front of the A-Giant screen, you’ll be wowed by just how big it is. It really brings watching a movie to a new level. I personally find the focus a little soft, especially compared to IMAX 2D. But it’s still very impressive.

The upper skyboxes don’t have the best viewing angle but the soft focus is less noticeable when viewing side-on, compared to sitting in the middle at lower rows.


Projector & Audio

They’re using dual DLP projectors from NEC. I assume they’re both projecting the exact same image but they use two of them to get a better brightness. Any slight misalignment of these two projectors can cause the screen to look blurry or worse, create a double-vision effect.

The image does not fill the whole screen so you’ll notice a letterbox effect.

The Dolby Atmos surround sound audio system is fantastic. Background music and sounds are impressive and spoken parts are crystal clear. If the movie wants you to think someone is whispering into your ear, that’s how it will feel. 10/10 the audio couldn’t be better.



While the mall is on soft opening, a regular seat goes for P300 (6 USD) and a lazy boy skybox seat goes for P350 (7 USD). These prices may be raised in the future.


Seating Choices

Skybox Lazy boy chairs

Regular Seating

Most of the space is taken up by regular seats which are still more than comfortable and give enough leg room.

At the very back of the cinema, you’ll find 2 skyboxes, either side of the projection room. In each skybox there’s 14 electronic lazy boy chairs. While the upgraded chairs are a bonus, the side viewing angles are a little off-putting.


First Experience

The first time I went to the A-Giant cinema, there was a significant blur and double-vision problem, likely due to misalignment of the dual projector system. I reported this problem to the Cinema Manager of Vertis North and she had their techs visit the cinema and fix the problem.

I was invited back for a free viewing and verified that the problem is indeed fixed. The focus is still a little soft, but it was significantly better than the first showing and there was no double-vision problem.

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