5 Watt USB Bulb from CDRKING

CDRKing seem to be growing their selection of USB bulbs. Although none of them actually match their rated power. For example the 1W USB bulbs are 0.5W and this 5W bulb comes in between 2W and 3.5W depending on how you wiggle the wire.

Having bought a few of the bulbs from different stores, I can confirm they all have the same problem where the light flickers when the wire is moved. How much power it consumes and how much light you get depends on how the wire is positioned. It’s like having a dimmer option but without any real control (lol).

A great little companion with your powerbank for use during brownouts, blackouts or power outages. Since brownouts are somewhat common in the Philippines, more so in the provinces than Metro Manila, these could come in real useful for many people.

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