36 Watt QuSun LED Bulb review

A look at the highest wattage LED bulb I’ve seen for indoor residential use.

It’s an E27 screw type bulb, 6000K temperature and sold as a 36 watt bulb. I bought the bulb from HandyMan in Metro Manila and they advised me that it includes a 3 year warranty.

I tested the bulb on my watt meter and it only measured around 30 watts. That’s 15% lower than the rated output, quite a disappointment!

There’s a delay when turning the bulb on, a problem you don’t usually experience with LED bulbs.

As for the light itself, it is very bright but it doesn’t seem to perform any better than two Philips 10W LED bulbs which leads me to suspect the LEDs or Driver used by QuSun are low quality.

The bulb features a strange stacked heat sink arrangement inside the plastic case.

In conclusion, I would not recommend this bulb since it does not meet it’s listed output, has a delay turning on, looks ugly and doesn’t provide as much light as you’d expect for it’s power consumption.

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