100 Watt cdrking Inverter

In this video I take a quick look at the 100 watt inverter from CDRKING. It plugs into your car cigarette lighter socket and converts the cars 12V DC to 220V AC.

The unit has no cooling fan which is ideal for locations where the noise of a fan would be a distraction. But on the flipside, since the unit has no fan; it gets extremely hot, even under just a small load. So if you’re going to be using this for a long time, you might want to consider buying a small cpu fan from cdr-king (typically consume 1.5 watts) and mount it to force air into the inverter.

I tested cooling the inverter and it didn’t take much at all, just a small breeze on the case and the temperature dropped dramtically.

The weird buzzing noise in the video went away after I replaced the small crocodile clip test wires with thicker cables.

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